We began our story here in Fall of 2019…

But the story of the building goes back a bit further. This 2-story vernacular building was constructed in 1888 as the Mammoth Springs Hotel and Saloon.

The Mammoth Spring Hotel had its Grand Opening Feb. 9th, 1888. It was two years after the opening of Mammoth Spring by Milwaukee business interests. The builder & proprietor was Fred A. Hummel, with the hotel furnishing “Rooms & Spirits.” Hummel died Jan. 1897, the property continued to be a Hotel-Saloon until the beginning of “Prohibition.” During this time, it was changed to an Ice Cream Parlor known as “Annie Brown’s.” At the end of prohibition to the present the property has been some combination of Hotel, Saloon, or Restaurant.

Belfast is home to Belfast Central Railway in Northern Ireland, one of the main railway “hubs” of the Island. Our location here in Sussex, is known for having trains frequent the tracks outside our doors. Belfast Station Pub is a great location “hub” just like the railway in Ireland but our pub is for people of the community to come together for a great meal, perfect pint & togetherness with family or friends.

​Join us in our Dining room which we refer to at the “Conductors Cottage” where our Conductor comes to grab a hot meal after a hard days work & enjoy his favorite hobbies. Or belly up to our Belfast Bar & travel to the feeling of a pub in Ireland. With 14 TVs throughout we are your sports headquarters for Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball & More!

Russell Restaurants Story

Owner & Operator, Bruce Russell, opened his first restaurant in March 2011. But he had worked in the hospitality industry since he was in High School. From restaurants in Lake Geneva to Milwaukee all the way to Disney World, Bruce gained much knowledge and experience from his mentors along the way before deciding it was time to open a place of his own.

After working in the corporate world as an Area director for one of the richest men of Ireland here in the states, he knew it was time to embrace his Irish roots and start his own business with an Irish Pub.

With his strong commitment to the local communities he operates business in, he gets very involved in supporting the area with his passion of bringing people together. Bruce believes in the true meaning of an Irish Pub, which is to bring people of the community together through great food & events at affordable prices.


A.J.O’Brady’s Irish Pub & Grill

is located in the heart of downtown Menomonee Falls directly across the street from the Menomonee River Waterfall. Enjoy Daily specials with the whole family or grab a beer with friends, but with beautiful views from our patio or front dining room this is a great stop when in the area.

N88 W16495 Main St. Menomonee Falls, WI
262-250-1095 www.theajobradys.com

Wisconsin On Tap Brewpub

Located in the heart of downtown Menomonee Falls this Brewpub is the place to be! Enjoy all things Wisconsin!

N88W16521 Main St. Menomonee Falls, WI